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„New perspective: Flat rib mesh for interesting insights“

Like the TECU®_mesh structures the TECU®_flatmesh designs are also made by perforating the copper and copper alloy strips and then stretching the material. The stretched metal is then rolled to produce the almost flat TECU®_flatmesh surface. The rib mesh variants are available in the surfaces TECU® Classic_flatmesh and TECU® Patina_flatmesh.

Sizes and Availability:
The even structures of the flat rolled rib mesh of TECU®_flatmesh offer openness and solidity, the mechanical protection of an open metal skin and the porosity of a semi-transparent curtain. On the building the use of TECU®_flatmesh brings a pleasant lightness to the façade with the mesh structure seeming to float in front of the background. When installed in front of glass areas TECU®_flatmesh products offer security in an aesthetic form as well as fascinating impressions from inside and outside.

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