Surface finishing by KREADIANO

Surface finishing


Launched in 2013
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Surface finishing

The waxes by Kreadiano are water repellent but still remain permeable. Due to these
properties the waxes are suitable for noble, creative and decorative wall coating in bathrooms
and other wet areas. The treated surface remains antistatic and obtains a pleasant glazing. The
wax technique with color can not be assumed away from the history of painting. The wax
coating creates deepness, transparency, revives the surface and gives expressive dynamic.
Principally the light conditions should be inlcuded in the decision of color selection of wax.

Due to different characteristics of the subsurface e.g. coarse, lacerated, wavy, the glazings
from Kreadiano are able to produce interesting effects. Glazings also freshen the surface and
give expressional dynamics. The range of application is diverse. To give more expression to
the effect one can apply the glaze like an image section on subareas of the wall. The contrast
between original and glazed area, can be subtle or dominant depending on the composition.
Altogether a noble wall coating is created.

Venezian soap
Venezian soap is used as a final process for our decor plasters. The soap provides the wall
with water and dirt repelllent properties. The permeability is not affected.

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