Pasta rossa/Alto spessore by cotto mediterraneo

Pasta rossa/Alto spessore


Architonic id 1088914

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Fully hand shaped, glazed and decorated, the Cotto Mediterraneo has its unique touch in the imperfect lines, the colour smear and in the shade variance. The handy work of the potter masters is clearly visible in each collection piece, every one different from another, in a sequence of shining surfaces decorated by plenty of signs and draws, often archaic and esoteric. Shapes of the Cotto Mediterraneo either high or low thickness, can be requested in all the available plain colours Decorations can be realized in different versions from the catalogue. The colours available are always the plain spectrum one.

Product group: Hard floors Flooring units Wall coverings Ceramic Floor tiles Wall tiles Floor tiles Wall tiles Ceramic flooring Floor tiles handmade …handmade Handmade tiles Handmade tiles Ceramic floors terracotta Terracotta tiles …in clay/terracotta Floor tiles clay/terracotta Clay/terracotta tiles Ceramic floors blue colour …in blue colour Colour Blue Colour Blue Floor tiles blue colour Ceramic floors yellow colour …in yellow colour Colour Yellow Colour Yellow Floor tiles yellow colour Ceramic floors grey colour …in grey colour Colour Grey Colour Grey Floor tiles grey colour Ceramic floors green colour …in green colour Colour Green Colour Green Floor tiles green colour Ceramic floors red colour …in red colour Colour Red Colour Red Floor tiles red colour Ceramic floors black colour …in black colour Colour Black Colour Black Floor tiles black colour Ceramic floors solid/plain Floor tiles solid/plain Solid/Plain Solid/Plain …in solid/plain colour

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