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More than a ceramic product, more than an inspiration, more than a contemporary solution for architects and interior designers.
More is the brand new answer to every planning need. Created for contemporary architectural spaces, More is a neutral surface that perfectly blends with the environment thanks to its clean shapes and absence of lines.

Lux: ultimate, achromatic brightness. The intensity of light created by colours resulting in a totally pure and perfect effect. The azimuth of whiteness, ready to be lived in.

More is full body porcelain stoneware with an exceptional technical performance. It is suitable for different kind of use, from residential to large-scale projects, from floors to walls.

The ultimate technology of More offers more advantages to designers. More is single-sized, squared and rectified: all colours, sizes and finishes can be installed together, with very small joints, to fulfil the requirements of modern design.

Italian lifestyle has now been translated into ceramics: More.
More is dedicated to those waiting for a product capable of blending with all elements characterising contemporary life.

Thanks to the new sizes 60 x120 and 30 x120, new frontiers are open to your creativity, offering new technological solutions for floors and walls.

More 90 is the new solution for architects and interior designers, an exclusive size created for contemporary architecture spaces.
Neutral surfaces blend with the environment: thanks to the large size, grouting joints are fewer, thus enhancing the neatness of the shapes.

Three-dimensional surfaces that are attractive to look at and pleasant to touch:
More Scratched is the new frontier of avantgarde ceramic wall tiles.

Product group: Outdoor flooring Hard floors Flooring units Wall coverings Ceramic Floor tiles Tiles Wall tiles Floor tiles Mosaics Wall tiles Wall mosaics Ceramic flooring Ceramic tiles …rectangular Mosaics rectangular …brick Mosaics brick …in porcelain stoneware Porcelain stoneware tiles Porcelain stoneware tiles Porcelain stoneware tiles Floor tiles porcelain stoneware …in porcelain stoneware Colour Beige …in beige colour Colour Beige Colour Beige Floor tiles beige colour …in beige colour Mosaics beige colour Colour Brown …in brown colour Colour Brown Colour Brown Floor tiles brown colour Mosaics brown colour …in brown colour Colour Grey …in grey colour Colour Grey Colour Grey Floor tiles grey colour Mosaics grey colour …in grey colour Colour Green …in green colour Colour Green Colour Green Floor tiles green colour …in black colour Colour Black Colour Black Floor tiles black colour …in black colour Mosaics black colour Colour Solid/Plain Floor tiles solid/plain …solid/plain colour Solid/Plain Solid/Plain Mosaics solid/plain …in solid/plain colour Pattern Dots/Circles …dots/circles pattern Pattern Squares/Checks …squares/checks pattern Pattern Lines/Stripes …lines/stripes pattern Motif Plants/Flowers …plants/flowers pattern

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