Fly by Fap Ceramiche

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confetto, ciliegia, acqua, pepe, latte, vaniglia, anice.
Fly represents the pleasure someone feels when surrounded and amazed by such beauty every day. The colours of the collection are created from a shimmering palette with thousands of tone on tone highlights.  The crystalline material creates an original lined pattern. It is a simple ceramic decoration that can be installed on walls to create a charming atmosphere thanks to our bright, intense and deep glaze.  Acqua, Anice, Ciliegia, Confetto, Latte, Pepe and Vaniglia: an extraordinary palette of fresh, seductive and utterly contemporary colours that will make it fun to create the ideal habitat.

25x75, new, beautiful, simple, easy.
The extremely practical installation of this new non rectifi ed size allows you to design and decorate without worries. This functional simplicity offers the opportunity to use this ceramic to obtain incredible results and create a world of wonder. The wonder is on going and can arise simply from the option of installing Fly either horizontally or vertically: two-ways of installing it, two possible worlds, and wonderful surprises.

Poetic, ironic, original, sophisticated, and dreamlike style.
Fly is the tradition of ceramic decoration exalted to its full potential through aesthetic contamination. The stripes pattern, always a core aspect of the product, meets various graphics and increases the decorative options creating stunning surfaces. Poetic, ironic, original, refi ned, oneiric, these are the words that describe the fantastic world of Fly that will inspire you to express your personality.

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