Flexus by Baroncelli

The Flexus designs each use a number of satin gold components with cylindrical cristallo rods in a variety of configurations to showcase their versatility. Inspired by the Flexus series which launched in 2011, Baroncelli has expanded and evolved its original range of components to incorporate new features and lighting elements to add drama, innovation and versatility to this striking range of designs.

The Flexus pendants are made of intertwining circles and elegant curves bolted together and suspended. Elements are embedded with a fine tape of LEDs emitting a soft continuous glow. Clusters of these inventive arrangements – demonstrating the family’s versatility and the ability for designs to be extended to produce additional variations by adding to or rearranging the components – will engage and inspire up high.

Product group: Table lights Suspended lights Chandeliers Wall-mounted lights Ceiling-mounted lights LED lights Ceiling suspended chandeliers Table lights General lighting General lighting General lighting General lighting Suspended lights LED wall-mounted lights Light objects LED ceiling-mounted lights LED lights LED-lights LED-lights LED-lights Ceiling lights in metal Pendant lights in metal Table lamps in metal Wall lights in metal Ceiling lights in glass Pendant lights in glass Table lamps in glass Wall lights in glass Pendant lights in murano glass

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