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fibreC | façade design fibreC | façade design
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fibreC is available in the following colours: 01 bianco, 02 ivory, 03 silvergrey, 04 anthracite, 05 liquide black, 06 sandstone, 07 terra, 08 mocca brown, 09 venetian green and 10 terracotta.


FE | Ferro
Sandblasted: blasted at higher pressure,
surface is rougher

FL | Ferro Light
Sandblasted: blasted at lower pressure,
surface is finer than FE

MA | Matt
Brushed: Smooth surface, natural blushing effect

Disclaimer: Concrete is a living, natural construction material and colours may vary slightly. There may be differences and irregularities in colour on finished surfaces.

Product group: Hard floors Flooring units Wall coverings Facade systems Cladding panels Concrete / Cement Facade design Floor panels Concrete/cement slabs Facade cladding Concrete/cement facade panels Wall panels Fibre-reinforced concrete cladding panels Concrete/cement flooring Mineral composite flooring Concrete facades Glassfibre concrete panels Colour beige Colour brown Colour yellow Colour grey Colour green Colour orange Colour red Colour black Colour white Floor panels concrete/cement Material: Concrete/Cement Material: Concrete/Cement Colour: Beige Floor panels beige colour Colour Beige Colour: Beige Colour: Brown Floor panels brown colour Colour Brown Colour: Brown Colour: Yellow Floor panels yellow colour Colour Yellow Colour: Yellow Colour: Grey Floor panels grey colour Colour Grey Colour: Grey Colour: Green Floor panels green colour Colour Green Colour: Green Colour: Orange Colour Orange Colour: Red Floor panels red colour Colour Red Colour: Red Colour: Black Floor panels black colour Colour Black Colour: Black Colour: White Floor panels white colour Colour White Colour: White Colour: Solid/Plain Colour: Solid/Plain Floor panels solid/plain Solid/Plain Solid/Plain Floor panels Colour solid/plain Colour beige Colour brown Colour brown Colour yellow Colour grey Colour green Colour green Colour red Colour black Colour white

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