family affair by Blueroom

As young parents we’re very much part of life and know what young families want and the ideas they come up with: even though there are children around, they still want a certain standard of quality – and things have to look good, too.
Clear and uncluttered shapes as well as a high quality and solid workmanship are the hallmarks of the collection "family affair". Because of their modular characteristics and the changes, the furniture are sui-table for children and adults.
For example: The desk or the cabinet system, whose components can be arranged and stacked without any additional screws. Our dreambox bunk bed features timeless design; it’s also strong and very well made. There’s nothing fussy about it, but the intelligent detailing provides plenty of scope for a child’s imagination and creativity. A further development of these is the bed no1 and no2. They are also multi-functional and inviting for sleep and for "lounging".

+ swiss design swiss made:
Manufactured in Switzerland from certified birch plywood; with white-oiled surface

Product group: Storage / Shelving Beds and bedroom furniture Home office Kid's room furniture Library furniture Nursery furniture Single beds Children's beds Cupboards Children's desks Desks Bureaus Children's beds Changing tables Kids tables Wardrobes Children's wardrobes Infant's beds Cabin beds Side boards Bunk beds Storage furniture Infant's wardrobes Storage furniture Kids tables Shelving systems Children's area Kids storage Changing tables Kids' tables Children's storage with rectangular top with rectangular top with top in engineered wood with top in engineered wood with base in engineered wood with base in engineered wood with panel base with panel base closed base free standing wall standing with drawers with front in engineered wood with body in engineered wood modular closed base wall-standing with drawers with shelves in engineered wood with structure in engineered wood …in engineered wood
Designer: Line Numme Isabelle Winterhalder - Anderhalden Isabelle & Marc Winterhalder - Anderhalden

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