Evolutionmarble by Marazzi Group

White marble with lots of bold contrasting veining and fine black marble shot through with subtle white veining: this is EvolutionMarble by Marazzi. The porcelain tile slabs in the collection reproduce two of the world’s finest marbles: Calacatta and Nero Marquinia. EvolutionMarble comes in three giant sizes, complete with large and small strip tiles for recherché installation solutions in terms of colour and geometric effect. The porcelain stoneware collection is designed for residential interiors, living rooms, and for commercial settings like shops, hotels, restaurants and museums.

Through-body fine porcelain stoneware.

11 mm

Matte and Lux.

60x120 cm matte rectified
58x116 lux rectified
60x60 cm matte rectified
58x58 cm lux rectified
30x60 cm matte rectified
29x58 cm lux rectified
15x120 cm matte rectified
15x15 cm matte rectified
14.5x14.5 cm lux rectified
14.5x58 cm lux rectified



Golden Cream (Beige), Bronzo Amani (Bronze)

Rose Lux. Size 58x58 cm.
Strip Lux. Size 29x58 cm.
Corner Lux. Size 29x29 cm.
Hexagonal mosaic Lux. Size 29x29 cm.
Matte mosaic. Size 30x30 cm.

Step tread. 32.5x60x4 in Natural version and 32.5x58x4 in Lux version Corner. 32.5x32.5x4 in Natural and Lux version, Skirting. 7x60 in Natural version and 7x58 in Lux version.

Evolutionmarble Golden Cream and Amani are ideal for covering both large and small floors and walls, such as living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and residential and commercial interiors.

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