Earth & Art Glass/Stone Mosaics by Hirsch Glass

Earth & Art Glass/Stone Mosaics


Architonic id 1087804

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The Earth & Art series is an inspiring and innovative synthesis of art glass and stone. Carefully blended to harmonize the natural veins of prestigious stone with the swirls of stained glass.
Earth & Art is an elegant centerpiece for classic and modern environments. With sophisticated technology developed only by Hirsch Glass and with the care of artisan technicians. Each piece of art glass is laminated with a clear backing to the same thickness as the stones, allowing greater luminosity and a smooth-surfaced blend into a stone or tile setting.

Product group: Wall coverings Natural stone Glass Natural stone mosaics Glass mosaics Wall mosaics Square mosaics Square mosaics …square Rectangular mosaics Rectangular mosaics …rectangular Brick mosaics Brick mosaics …brick …in natural stone …in marble Marble mosaics …in limestone Limestone mosaics …in glass Colour beige Colour Beige …in beige colour Colour blue Colour Blue …in blue colour Colour brown Colour Brown …in brown colour Colour grey Colour Grey …in grey colour Colour white …in white colour Colour White Colour tone on tone Tone on Tone …tone on tone Colour multicoloured Multicoloured …multicoloured

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