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Lindner Doors – Your access to perfect solutions.

With many years of experience in manufacturing customised doors and doorways, Lindner excels at implementing your designs and functional requirements. Above all, your safety is paramount – that is why all of Lindner’s doors fully comply with the fire protection, sound protection and smoke-proofing regulations stipulated in current EU and DIN standards. The ultimate in convenience - teamed with the ultimate in safety.

Perfection that you have come to expect from us every time:
 State-of-the-art production equipment
 Consistent high quality and short delivery times – even in case of customised solutions
 Many years of experience and extensive knowledge of the manufacturing process and design of customised doors
 Investment in product development and continuous quality improvement

We offer:
- Fire protection doors
- Smoke control doors
- Sound insulation doors
- Intruder protection doors
- Doors for wet rooms and moisture-prone areas
- Radiation protection doors
- Wooden framework doors
- Sliding doors
- Door frames

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