Daybed by Living Jewels



Designer Dorothée Hackenthal, André Wilps
Launched in 2007
Architonic id 1066870

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Rethink children’s furniture.
The basic idea is simple: no compromises. Each and every piece meets the highest requirements for safety, quality, functionality and ergonomics. This furniture represents pleasure for more than only one generation. Every detail of the furniture was carefully selected, taking into consideration the exceptionally criteria needed for the development of children’s furniture.

In particular the design follows the function just as much as some important facts, verified by numerous studies: pure colours and forms are most suitable to stimulate and enhance the creativity and the inventive talent of children. Or, in other words, creative furniture does not make creative kids.

The seating furniture of Living Jewels is an enrichment and optical enhancement for the living spaces of children. They can sit, lie, jump and romp, or simply cuddle and sleep on it. Exclusive materials are used throughout, from the covering fabric to the framework. This makes each piece delightful to experience, both in look and feel.

Furthermore, each piece is ecologically safe and absolutely free from toxic substances. The fabric for upholstery is available in 20 basic colours, selectively in elegant nappa cowhide or high-quality super-microfibre.

All corners and edges of the framework are rounded to minimize the danger of injury. Furthermore, each piece of furniture has an especially low centre of gravity, a high deadweight and a large footprint so that the danger of flipping over or sliding is nearly eliminated. All tubular elements are made of stainless steel and are polished to a brilliant sheen. Unlike chrome-plated elements that contain a layer of nickel, stainless steel causes no allergic reactions, does not flake and cannot rust. The height of the furniture’s feet can be adjusted approximately 20 mm, and each foot stands atop a form-fitting piece of felt, thus assuring that the furniture perfectly adapts for every surface.

The outer coverings are highly flame-resistant and extremely hard-wearing. All coverings have zippers and Velcro® tapes in matching colours so the coverings can be readily removed for laundering..
The nappa cowhide coverings have a naturally scarred texture; they’re traditionally tanned with minerals and naturally dyed.
The textile coverings are made from ultramodern super-microfibre. They have a precise, smooth surface and they are extremely robust.

Each piece is meticulously handcrafted in selected German workshops by artisans who are genuine specialists in their field. Each and every piece of Living Jewels furniture is unique. A serial number is engraved into the framework of each piece, and every customer also receives a personalized certificate.

All models are perfectly designed to match the ergonomics, safety requirements and living habits of children between the ages of three and ten.

Designer: Dorothée Hackethal André Wilps

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