Climatex®Lifecycle™ Sima Uni by Climatex

Climatex®Lifecycle™ Sima Uni


Launched in 2009
Architonic id 1157189

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Climatex upholstery fabrics fulfill the highest expectations with regard to well-being, beauty, safety, and longevity. They are the result of intelligent product design. They comply with the principles of ecoeffectiveness and are biologically regenerative.

Cooling, Moisture-regulating, Warmth-reflecting, Warmth-regulating

Climatex® Lifecycle™ key advantages:

· Climate-controlled seating, dry seat surfaces even after prolonged seating periods
· Ingenious moisture management
· Well-balanced heat-retention
· Excellent human-ecologically
· All dyestuffs and chemicals are biodegradable
· Exclusive and renewable raw materials, scientifically proven quality
· Cradle to Cradle gold certified
· Environmentally friendly with high percentage of renewable energies
· Suitable for contract business

Product specification:

72% WV, 28% ramie

140cm, useable width 138cm

535g/lfm, variance tolerance +/–3%

Repeat (Sima)
1.1cm width x 1.2cm high

Cradle to Cradle biocycle Jacquard fabric

Abrasion resistance ISO 12947-2
5-years guarantee on fabric breakage due to
abrasion, conditions see

Pilling values ISO12945-2
Pilling score 4-5 (good)

Colorfastness to crocking ISO 105/X12
Dry score 4
Wet score 4

Colorfastness to perspiration ISO 105/E04
Alkaline score 4
Acid score 4

Lightfastness ISO 105/B02
Score 5

Fire standards
BS 5852 P1, Crib 5
EN 1021 T1+2, M2

Spot-clean only using a moist sponge, or vacuum
or brush gently

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