Architectural precast concrete, acid etched by selected by Materials Council

Architectural precast concrete, acid etched


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3623 White, acid etched

Product description
Acid etching the face of this architectural precast concrete homogenizes the surface, removing any defects introduced during the forming process. However this textured surface more readily holds dirt, which can also be more difficult to clean, though not to the same degree as a sandblasted finish.
To achieve a high quality concrete with little colouring, white cement, good quality sand and dolomite aggregate has been used. These premium ingredients can also lead to increased costs.
Massive structural and complex geometric forms, only limited by the transportation infrastructure, can be achieved by architectural precast concretes. Elements are very heavy but highly durable.
Concrete is not recyclable but downcycling is possible.

Intended applications
• External envelope
• Structural elements

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