Waste separation

Offering waste separation facilities and furnishings in offices is a simple step that can help the environment without any negative side effects. Additionally, there is no reason why these facilities should be considered an intrusive visual element.

For example, Fantoni’s ‘Quaranta5 Container’ is a tasteful waste separation compartment, which matches its corresponding, comprehensive range of desks and storage sideboards. Takiro Yuta’s ‘Primo Recycling Units’ for Dieffebi consists of waste separation and collection containers inserted into a discreet sideboard, though in this case it does not form part of a product line and is meant to be an unobtrusive addition to any interior.

Joan Gaspar’s ‘Zurich’ for Planning Sisplamo is slightly more overt as a central waste collection and separation point, simply displaying itself for what it is, although it is given a sleek and minimal front. ‘SetUpit’ by Götessons is a more individual solution, where a cluster of small waste bins is attached to the underside of a desk, remaining largely out of sight.

Finally, Bosse Design’s ‘Bosse Accushred’, a small cabinet with an exposed, tubular steel structure mounted on castors, is in fact a paper shredder that can become a part of any office landscape.

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