Wardrobes are rather large, freestanding cupboards and included a wide variety of storage options and configurations within, consisting of drawers, shelves and rails, though their main function is to store clothes.

Those looking for a classic design should turn to Riva 1920’s ‘Anderson’, a wooden, traditionally crafted wardrobe with two wide drawers and a clothes rail hidden behind double doors. Russell Pinch’s ‘Frey Armoire Double’ wardrobe can accommodate a variety of internal configuration behind panelled, wooden doors, and can be fitted with compartments that make it suitable for storing clothing, linen, kitchenware or books. Pirkko Stenros’s ‘Moduli wardrobe’ for Muurame is a large, classically proportioned, but minimally detailed, cabinet.

A more contemporary aesthetic is explored in Rolf Heide’s ‘Modular Stackable’ for Müller Möbelwerkstätten, a plywood programme, where the user can choose from different wardrobe modules and assemble them into the desired configuration. Daniele Lago’s ‘Et Voilà_wardrobe’ is an internally flexible design, with glass shelves and swivel-out clothes rails, all hidden behind a sheet of high quality fabric, seamlessly integrating into any space. LAGRAMA introduces boldly coloured designs, such as ‘Wardrobe 1’, ‘Wardrobe 5’ and ‘Wardrobe 6’, all fronted by tall, hinged doors.

There are of course minimally detailed wardrobes sections which can be multiplied along a wall, such as the purist ‘Loft’ by Piure. In other cases, wardrobes along the whole length of the wall essentially become built-in cupboards, such as Molteni & C’s ‘Gliss Quick’, which can also be used as a room divider.

Rolf Heide’s and Peter Kräling’s ‘S07’ wardrobe system for interlübke offers many choices, among them a completely freestanding wardrobe, a built-in cupboard with sliding mirror doors, but also large, open solutions suited for furnishing a walk-in cupboard. Open, modular wardrobes, such as Piero Lissoni’s sober ‘Storage Walk-in closet’ for Porro, or the expansive and aptly named ‘Cabina Armadio | Hangar’ by LEMA, are also ideal wardrobes for a walk-in cupboard.

And lastly, Peter J. Lassen reduces the size and brings the open wardrobe back into the main space with his ‘GRID wardrobe’, a structure which, apart from a row of drawers on which it stands, proudly bares all.

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