Wall-mounted lights

Wall mounted lights are often used in a domestic setting, where they can either serve as a primary source of illumination in a room, or perhaps act as an eye-catcher. The sheer diversity of this product group ensures that there is a wall-mounted light fit for every purpose, and one that will suit any taste.

An undeniable classic, Josef Hoffmann’s fin-de-siecle ‘Galia-Primavesi’ wall-mounted light by Woka conveys a nautical mood, comprising of a round, brass edge inset with acid etched glass. Jean-Marie Massaud’s ‘Curiosity Cabinet applique’ for A.V. Mazzega plays with traditions and expectations and inserts a Venetian glass chandelier element inside a grey, glass box.

Xuclà deconstructs the wall-mounted light into a series of white planes that can be mounted at any angle and position to each other. The Vibia-manufactured ‘Set Big 7764 Wall lamp’ thus becomes a little work of art composed by the user. Chris Kabel’s wall-mounted ‘Sticky Lamp’ for Droog also allows such freedom, but relies on archetypal imagery of a lightbulb encased in transparent packaging that can be stuck on a wall at will. Conversely, Maarten van Severen’s ‘U-Line WA 135’ for Light is a minimalist, wall-mounted strip light. Philippe Starck’s equally minimalist ‘Hide L’ wall-mounted lamp for Flos is made of polished aluminium and seems to float while emitting soft, diffuse light.

Experimenting with materials, Mikko Kärkkäinen incorporates an energy-efficient LED panel into bent plywood in Tunto Design-manufactured ‘Butterfly O3 wall lamp’, while the long, rectangular lampshade of Manuel Vivian’s ‘Clavius’ wall-mounted light for Axo Light consists of silk threads spun around a chrome frame. Finally, Verner Panton’s ‘Spion’ for Verpan adds a touch of playful mystery; the mirroring hemisphere projects glows red when switched on.

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