Wall mounted displays

Wall mounted displays are a means of attaching screens and digital displays to a wall. While they only allow for one static position, but prove themselves useful if flexibility is not a pressing issue.

This product group can be divided into several categories. We have simple frames, such as Klaas Arnout’s comprehensive range of elegant, aluminium cases manufactured by Basalte, such as ‘Eve brushed black square’, ‘Eve brushed aluminium rounded’ and ‘Eve satin white rounded’. These are combined with a touchscreen tablet and serve as wall mounted displays. IDEO-designed ‘Room Wizard II’ for Steelcase is a wall mounted display conceived to organise today’s workplace, where meeting rooms and workshops can be reserved at a touch of a button.

ARTHUR HOLM’s ‘Rise’ and ‘Drop’ are both minimalist wall mounted displays, which can be specified with a range of sizes and their monitor fronts are available in steel, aluminium and glass. The former is designed for direct wall mounting, while the latter is meant for in-wall installation.

Ralf Kücher also designed a comprehensive range of wall mounted displays along the same principles for ELEMENT ONE. For in-wall designs look to ‘Signis104-2 smart in-wall LAN’ and ‘Signis 170 ALU in-wall LAN’. For direct on-wall installation look to Signis 121-2 Alu on-wall LAN’ and ‘Signis 190 ALU on-wall LAN’.

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