Wall mounted coat racks

Whether in a reception area or in an office, a wall mounted coat rack serves both a practical and a decorative purpose.

In an effort to increase their functionality, wall mounted coat racks are often combined with shelves. In ‘Flax hatrack’, designed by Kersti Sandin and Lars Bülow for Materia, a tubular steel frame holds a transparent, acrylic shelf, and includes a rack, as well as a series of hooks. Peter Ghyczy’s ‘R 14’ wall mounted coat rack is a luxurious combination of a glass shelf on the top, an aluminium bar, and brass hooks below; whereas Marco Dessi’s ‘Atelier’ for Richard Lampert suspends a shelf and two wooden coat racks from two steel fins.

PHOS Design’s ‘Wandgarderobe G 400 HW’ is a slender, semi-circular metal rod, partially suspended on a thin, steel wire. For higher storage capacity, look to Eduard Juanola’s, Josep M. Massana’s and Josep M. Tremoleda’s ‘Tria Shelf’ by Mobles 114, a modular, expandable system consisting of shelves, drawers, storage compartments, hooks, and coat racks.

The choice of more decorative wall mounted coat racks is extensive, and in many cases these designs take inspiration from nature. For instance, Peter van de Water’s ‘Bamboo Wall 3 wall coat rack’ by Cascando is a vertical, wall-mounted, wooden pole with triangular, plastic coat hooks attached to the ‘stem’; while Michael Young’s and Katrin Petursdottir’s ‘Tree 194 coat stand’ for Swedese is a stylized tree silhouette from MDF, where the individual branches act as hooks.

Even more stylized, Jan Habraken’s and Alissia Melka-Teichroew’s ‘Tree Hooked’ wall mounted coat rack for van Esch is simply a short, metal ‘branch’. Available in different colours, the single module can be repeated and rotated, allowing the user to create his or her own composition. Another decorative, abstract design is Le Corbusier’s ‘LC17 Portmanteau’ for Cassina, a black panel with haphazardly distributed, coloured discs that act as hooks.

Lastly, Nando Schmidlin’s ‘LENT’ for mox is a simple, tall, wall-leaning shelf with wooden legs and a metal coat rack underneath, its main advantage being its ability to be easily moved around the office whenever needed.

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