Wall beds

Wall beds present yet another opportunity to save space in children’s bedrooms. Since beds are not usually used during the day, a bed which can fold toward, or alongside, a wall will inevitably free up the space for play and activities.

Spanish manufacturer LAGRAMA is the primary manufacturer of children’s wall beds in this selection, and offers a wide range of different solutions within its varied ‘Folding bed’ collection. Here, one can find a simple, single wall bed, but also one that folds into a neat cupboard. There are variants in which two wall beds are stacked one above the other and fold into a large cabinet along their sides. Omitting one bed means that extra storage space can be included within this system.

LAGRAMA’s wall beds can also be incorporated into more comprehensive furnishing solutions, ‘Composition 18’ features two wall beds integrated within a wall of shelving: when the beds are folded, desks can be unhinged from their underside. Furthermore, the beds’ black underside can be ordered with a practical blackboard finish. ‘Composition 9’ adds colourful cupboards to the open shelving. ‘Composition 20’ fits two wall beds, as well as desks, which are now independent of the beds, and plenty of storage space, into a corner, further demonstrating the various possibilities offered by this type.

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