Wall beds

Another practical, space-saving furnishing, whether in a children’s room, a guest room, or even in a master bedroom, is a wall bed. Wall beds can be folded against a wall when not in use and give back significant amount of space for other uses. The product group is quite small, but it does offer a wide variety of solutions.

Lievore Altherr Molina designed a series of wall beds for Sellex, each of which responds to a different condition. ‘La Literal Folding Bunkbed’ and ‘La Literal Folding Bed’ are suspended alongside a wall, while ‘La Literal Twin Beds’ operate independently of one another, but function as a double bed when folded out simultaneously. ‘La Literal Single Folding Bed’ and ‘La Literal Double Folding Bed’ complete this range of wall beds.

A slightly different approach is demonstrated in Alessandro Elli’s ‘Patrick’ for Milano Bedding, where the bed folds onto itself, before being folded into a wall. This saves further space above the bed, which is used as shelving. Jonas Ihreborn’s ‘Pallet Bed’ is not a wall bed in the strict sense, but is surprising nonetheless; once folded, the bed can be covered by a specially tailored sleeve and be used as a stool, an ottoman or an occasional side table.

Finally, manufacturer LAGRAMA offers the modular ‘Composition 38’, where the wall bed can be integrated seamlessly into a modular shelving system, or ‘Composition 39’ wall bed, which, despite its classification, can be used as a freestanding sofa bed; but when folded, it can serve as a low room divider.

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