Trolleys are often used indoors during dinner parties or to store and distribute food and drinks and generally help with moving boxes, books and various heavy or fragile objects. However, trolleys are not suited to the garden, owing to a more uneven terrain and tougher weather conditions. Wagons, however, are made with all of this in mind, and can be used to haul around gardening equipment, furniture, but they also make a great toy for children and pets.

The Belgian company TRADEWINDS produces a small range of wagons, each suited to a different purpose. First off, the prosaically named ‘Wagon’ is an ultra light cart with an aluminium suspension, a marine plywood base and a acrylic fabric basket. ‘Wagon + Basket’ pursues a more traditional, rustic aesthetic with a woven wicker basket mounted on the suspension. Finally, ‘Wagoon’ is a more contemporary variant again, featuring a smooth, aluminium basket.

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