Visitors Chairs

Executive visitors’ chairs need to fulfil similar representative requirements as an executive office chair, however, since they are only used very briefly, the ergonomic standards applied to them are less strict.

This allows for a great diversity of types and designs within this product group. For example, Wolfgang C.R. Mezger’s sober ‘Lola’ visitors’ chair is a wholly modern armchair with tubular steel feet and comfortably upholstered in leather. KiBiSi-designed ‘Scoop’ for Globe Zero 4 is a also a modern armchair, albeit more informal owing to its swivelling base.

On the other hand, Werther Toffoloni’s ‘Vincent armchair’ for Billiani is a restrained, traditionally crafted, classicising design, which combines sensual qualities of a wooden structure with a leather seat. Mika Tolvanen takes the traditional, angular armchair, transforms it into a slim shell and mounts in on a tubular steel cantilever in his ‘Kati PQ’ for Frag.

Gerard van den Berg’s ‘Livia’ visitors’ chair for Label references iconic post-war designs with the relaxed, organic form of its seat, but it is lushly upholstered and available in both natural and more striking colours. Architect Alejandro Zaera, however, looks at human anatomy and shapes the shell of his ‘Pad’ visitors’ chair, produced by Dynamobel, to give maximum support and comfort where needed by upholstering the most intense points of contact. In addition to being mounted on castors to ensure greater mobility, Kokuyo’s ‘Ordina’ visitors’ chair’s overall seat shape is also derived from ergonomics.

Steinar Hindenes’s, Lars Tornøe’s and Atle Tveit’s gestural ‘Birds steel sled base’ is a geometrically reduced, but friendly and comfortably upholstered visitors’ chair resting on a steel rod base, while Emilio Nanni once again revisits the armchair, and refines it into a restrained, but friendly combination of a beechwood structure and an upholstered seat and backrest in his ‘Braid chair with armrests’ for Billiani.

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