Trellises are architectural structures that form a screen onto which different climbing plants and shrubs can grow. They are found in gardens and serve as a way to define and divide spaces, offering a degree of privacy without creating a hard barrier.

Unopiù’s ‘Caprice Trellis’ is a simple design with a decorative, random lattice. Although it can function on its own, plants will greatly enhance this product’s appeal. Koike Atsushi’s and Zero First Design’s ‘Green Wall straight’ for Deesawat is a more geometrically regular trellis, consisting of an alternating grid of planters set within a teak-wood frame. This trellis can be used as a space divider in residential and corporate interiors as well as outside.

Another unusual product is Marcel Wanders’s ‘Swing with the plants’ for Droog. This product is not a trellis in the traditional sense, but a swing with a place for soil inside its polyethylene seat. From here, vines can grow up the nylon ropes. Another trellis that uses cables is Carl Stahl’s ‘GREENCABLE’, a system of cables that can be attached to a facade, creating an instantly suitable surface for vegetation, without damaging the material of the building.

A different modular system that can be attached to a wall is Arik Levy’s hexagonal, metal ‘Comb-ination’ for FLORA, whose strict geometric form nevertheless borrows inspiration from some of nature's most harmonious structures. Conversely, Jean-Marie Massaud’s ‘Green Wall vertical’ for DEDON is a trellis made of two parallel, delicate screens. The climbing plants that grow from within add a final touch of whimsy to this unique space divider.

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