Trading desks

Trading desks are specialised items of office furniture used primarily in large financial institutions, such as banks, stock exchanges and investment firms. In order to allow their users to work effectively, trading desks need to accommodate several multimedia screens which display relevant, up-to-date information, as well as computers and telephones.

German manufacturer LEUWICO is one of the leading manufacturers featured in the trading desks category, and it’s easy to see why. Their ‘XT move’ system, which features a height-adjustable desktop, integrated cable management, matching storage compartments and enough area for several multimedia screens, allows for a great number of variations and constellations in order to accommodate any specific needs.

In an effort to provide even more reliable service, users can also upgrade with the ‘XT cool’ trading desk system by the same manufacturer, which cools down the sensitive PC equipment, making it less prone to service interruptions and also maintains a more pleasant indoor climate by eliminating excess heat.

London-based manufacturer SBFI also produces high-quality trading desks, a reflection of their long experience and base in one of the world’s pre-eminent financial capitals. Their innovative, multifunctional approach is best demonstrated in their ‘Axess’ range of height-adjustable trading desks and office cabinets. These can be fitted out with their ‘Monocool’ modules, which once again ventilate and cool the sensitive equipment, and the necessary hardware in order to facilitate high-powered trading; or combined with various panels and privacy screens, in which case it can also be used as a desk in a more ordinary office.

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