Torches / Torch cages

Unlike fire pits or barbecues, torches and torch cages are not used to prepare meals, but instead provide illumination and a bit of warmth to their users, helping to create unforgettable evenings filled with soft shadows and flickering flames.

Take the ‘accessories’ torch by Röshults, a tall metal pole that can be inserted into the ground, and complemented with a basket that contains burning firewood. Nathalie Timmermans-designed ‘Torches high’ is a tall freestanding torch manufactured by Tribù that has a smooth, elegant polyester body with a stainless steel bio ethanol burner inside. Attika Feuer’s ‘DeLIGHT’ torch is a more austere design, whose light is provided by burning propane gas, stored within its conical body.

Martin Kallin’s ‘Boo’ torch cage by Skargaarden is a conical wire basket set within a cubic frame made of slender steel rods. Norm.Architects’ ‘Fire Basket’ manufactured by Menu is a much more robust design, featuring a torch cage made of wide bands of steel, supported by three legs. Exposed bolts give this design an industrial appearance. Matteo Galbusera’s ‘Mangiafuoco’ for Ak47 is more akin to a tiny cylindrical fireplace, made of two hollow, semi-circular sections that can be filled with earth for improved heat insulation.

Finally, Ottrade design’s ‘Brandy’ for Sywawa is a playful, steel wire torch cage, whose silhouette resembles a large brandy glass.

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