Outdoor tiles constitute a diverse product group, its popularity being firmly tied to its incredible diversity and an almost infinite amount of possibilities when it comes to colour and texture. What all these products have in common is the high quality of manufacture that guarantees durability, rain or shine.

Although most tiles are made from high quality stoneware or ceramics, Matten’s darkly austere ‘Valser Quarzit’ is made from premium Swiss quartz. Conversely, Porcelanosa’s ‘Anticuaria Miel’ are rustic, honey-coloured stoneware tiles reminiscent of the sunny Mediterranean. DesignTaleStudio’s ‘Terraviva Carbon-red Floor tile’ is a black tile with a wavy, vivid red line drawn across, adding a dash of colour to an otherwise serious product. Wholly monochrome products, such as AGROB BUCHTAL’s ‘Valley’, are also available and can be ordered in a palette of subdued blacks, whites and greys, as well as in grooved, or mosaic finishes.

Casakgrande’s Padana’s ‘Marmorker birimbau’ mimics the grain of authentic Italian marbles, while Ceramiche Supergres’s ‘Travel Southgold’ emulates the grain and golden-brown colour of natural wood. And while Porcelaingres’s ‘Fusion | metal brown’ is a porcelain stoneware tile that imitates stained metal, Lea Ceramiche’s ‘Ancient Jerusalem | Decoro intarsio rosone Hebron White’ is a more traditional set of tiles. It is made from 40% recycled materials and features traditional reliefs.

Another moulded product is ‘Acorn Cemento, a grey tile with a concrete-like appearance that is actually made from ceramic material by World Streets. Lastly, Mosa’s sleek, modern ‘Terraces Kivits’ and ‘Terraces van Rooijen’ offer an alternative for those with a preference for clean lines and more simple detailing.

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