Children’s bedrooms can be furnished and accessorized in many different ways, and one of them is to use textile floor coverings or elements. Not content with conventional carpets, the textiles shown here are both clever reinterpretations, infusing the prosaic floor cover with new poetic meanings.

Firstly, Satyendra Pakhalé’s ‘Puzzle Carpet’ for Magis is a soft, polyethylene and polyester textile cover, which consists of roughly hexagonal, interlocking tiles. These elements, available in different colours, can be assembled and reassembled into the desired size, configuration and colour composition by kids and parents alike.

The other inventive solution, designed by Eero Aarnio and again manufactured by Magis, is ‘Flying Carpet’, a small, colourful textile rug draped over a wave-shaped, polyethylene, rocking stand. This piece is both an imaginative piece of play furniture and a floor covering on its own, because the rug is independent from the base.

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