Control room systems are used in offices, hospitals, schools, production facilities and other institutions where a large number of activities, people or data need to be monitored and assessed. Therefore, the control room furniture provides a suitable and easily adaptable framework for any type of surveillance, the user usually provides their own monitors and CPUs.

Consider LEUWICO’s ‘XT move’ control room system, a multi-monitor station that integrates various hardware components such as CPU holders, storage cabinets and integrated cable management systems. It has a height-adjustable desk and can be ordered in a variety of colours. The system’s modularity means that extra units can be simply added whenever necessary. The same manufacturer also produces ‘XT cool basic’, a PC cooling module that can be added to to increase control room systems’ lifespan, performance and enhance comfort during use.

Kim Stahlmöbel’s ‘Vario Line S Modell 940’ is a comprehensive range of high-capacity control room systems, with linear and semi-circular workplaces and electrically-adjustable desktops that can be used either as regular or standing desks. Other product lines of control room systems are SBFI Limited’s ‘Axess’ and ‘Monocool’, both series of modular control room workstations that can be equipped with privacy panels, multiple CPU holders and storage cabinets and high-capacity monitor mounts. Best of all, these system also includes a cooling system to increase overall performance and productivity.

In smaller operations, such large-scale solutions might not be in order, in which case a monitor arm or mount can be the sole component of a small control room system. This option is offered by the adjustable and rotating ‘Axiom | Desk Slatwall’ and ‘Axiom | Desk post’, both manufactured by SBFI Limited.

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