Tables and benches

Outdoor tables and benches form a perfect backdrop to a relaxing garden party, though these furnishing often find their way into city parks and public camping sites too, allowing the wider public to enjoy a simple meal in the sunshine and fresh air.

The range of available designs is wide and varied, from the ‘Saw Table and Saw Bench’ by Friends & Founders, a black, pared-down table with benches inspired by traditional forms, to Alain Berteau’s ‘Hotspot’ table and bench by OBJEKTEN, where a round plywood tabletop and and circular bench share a common, tubular steel frame.

This classic take on a picnic tables and benches is also what inspired Wim Segers and Ronald Mattele to design the ‘Cassecroute Table’ ensemble for CASSECROUTE. Here, the frame is made of powder-coated steel, while the seating surfaces, as well as the tabletop sections are made of aluminium. The modular nature of the design means that these tables and benches can be ordered up to 14 metres in length. Andrea Loreta’s, Chiara Pacifici’s and Marco Fiecconi’s ‘Pic-Nic’ tables and benches by De Castelli feature a choice of Cor-ten or stainless steel structure and stone or wooden tops, with the benches cantilevering on either side of the table’s legs.

Marcel Besau’s and Eva Marguerre’s ‘Alois’ tables and benches for jankurtz all feature slender, angular steel base that supports surfaces of robinia wood slats. This range also feautures matching stools. extremis-manufactured ‘Hopper Shade’ tables and benches by Dirk Wynants are streamlined steel products that include complimentary canvas canopies. Deesawat’s ‘Summer Cabana Picnic’ table and benches use the same principle, but the ensemble is materialised in teak wood.

Johan Lindau’s ‘Ping-Pong’ for Blå Station is a contemporary, angular table with benches made out of solid, glued pine and a stainless steel cross bar. Erik Rasmussen and Henrik Rolf designed ‘Paustian Garden Set’ of tables and benches that share a looping tubular steel base and austere surfaces made of wooden planks. Lastly Dirk Wynant’s unconventional ‘DoNuts’ for Blofeld is a plastic table that rests on a circular, inflatable bench.

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