Table top displays

Table top displays are small, freestanding displays that are placed on a table, and are used to assist in wayfinding, allocating seating places or holding documents used during a meeting. Naturally, table top displays can also be used by employees to personalise their workspace, or by a company to decorate communal areas and receptions.

Michele De Lucchi and Sezgin Aksu’s ‘Koala Desk’ table top display features either a flat or a concave surface, and is available in different sizes, forming an unobtrusive background to the displayed information.

Massimo Mussapi’s and Francesco Crimella’s ‘Bip’ for Segis is also a subtle, restrained design, but the protective plexiglass front is attached to the aluminium back panel with robust, rectangular elements. Furthermore, this collection includes not only table top displays, but a range of freestanding information stands and wall-mounted magazine displays as well.

Vincent Martínez’s ‘Index’ table top display for Vilagrasa also forms part of a comprehensive display and wayfinding range, but is perhaps even more minimal, the only decorative element being a stainless steel strip at its base.

Finally, Johan Götesson’s ‘Screen IT Table Screen in Screen’ is a colourfully upholstered privacy and acoustic panel, attached to the back of a desk, which incorporates a flat-screen in its body. This means not only that a rotating series of images and information can be shown, but that the information displayed can be changed at any given time.

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