Table systems

The table systems product group represents the most general, and therefore the most versatile and multi-functional table solutions for conferences and meetings.

However, this lack of specific focus does not diminish the qualities of the products listed here. On the contrary, ‘Tempest table’, launched in 1974 by HOWE and recently updated by Komplot Design, is an ingenious, understated table system, with hidden castors and a flipping worktop to allow for efficient storage. WINI Büromöbel’s ‘Winea Conference’ is another multi-purpose table system, which not only incorporates electrical and network connections, but can also be used to furnish managerial and executive offices.

König+Neurath’s ‘PLENUM.K’ defies gravity, creating a tabletop spanning up to 4 meters, while still integrating power and network connectivity modules. Carmen and Urs Greutmann Bolzern’s ‘LO Motion XXL’ table system for Lista Office includes individual storage, cable management, but also lighting, and can be used for meetings or hotdesking. Jens Korte’s ‘Lacrosse’ for Casala, on the other hand, is a large, straightforward table with folding legs.

Lastly, Lucca Scacchetti’s ‘Ianus’ for TECNO is a robust, wooden table system that can be made to custom specifications in diverse configurations, ranging from plain, but luxurious executive desks and meeting tables; to conference roundtables with microphones and integrated multimedia solutions.

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