Table integrated displays

Table integrated systems for AV equipment are becoming more widespread in the workplace. They function as information terminals in reception areas and lobbies, presentation aides in meeting and seminar rooms and can even be used to furnish an individual workstation.

Johan Götesson’s ‘ScreenIT Screen In Screen’, for example, is a table-dividing privacy screen upholstered in colourful fabric that includes a space within for an LED TV screen. Rafa Ortega’s ‘CUbox libraries’ for do+ce is a system of table integrated displays suited for libraries, where monitors, computing units and accessories are organised into a row of individual workstations.

Ralf Kücher’s ‘Versis 190’ for ELEMENT ONE is a hatch that can be inserted underneath a desktop and conceals an additional keyboard as well as a table integrated display. ARTHUR HOLM’s sleek ‘Dynamic 3’ is a similar system, where the monitor can be rotated, and can act either as a touchscreen tablet, reveal an integrated keyboard and a mouse, or be stowed away leaving behind a continuous flat table surface.

ARTHUR HOLM’s offerings in the table integrated displays category are wider still. ‘Dynamic X2’ is a more straightforward design where the screen simply rises out of a narrow opening. ‘Table Top’ is no less uncomplicated, though here the display is mounted on a stainless steel base that acts as channel for all the necessary cables.

Staron’s ‘STARON® Audio-Video’ is a comprehensive information portal consisting of an angular, T-shaped base; two displays mounted on a central steel foot and built-in keyboards within the base’s body. Also suited to reception areas, Christian Nygaard’s ‘Impact desk stand’ table integrated display is a freestanding, triangular prism that can complement any desktop or table.

Lastly, Bene’s ‘Parcs | Idea wall’ table integrated display is in fact a freestanding room divider with a large, built-in display, that can complemented by a meeting table and office chairs to form the ideal presentation and videoconference ensemble.

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