Table dividers

Table dividers are often used in open plan offices to address issues such as lack of privacy, lack of wall space for individual bulletin boards, and poor acoustics.

EFG’s ‘EFG Free’ table divider is a small-scale, flexible, individual solution, where a low, folding, felt-covered screen is simply stands on a desk around a user’s working area. Alain Gilles’s ‘BuzziCockpit’ for BuzziSpace is also an individual table divider, but forms a wholly protective, acoustic cocoon around one’s workstation, effectively eliminating background noise and offering a high degree of privacy when needed.

More open, but just as flexible, is ‘BuzziFrontDesk’ table divider by the same manufacturer, a single acoustic panel that can either stand on a table, but also comes with fixes which allow it to be affixed onto its edge. Abstracta’s ‘Softline™’ is an expansive range of modular table dividers and freestanding screens, available in a variety of bright colours, which can be assembled to offer privacy, increase acoustic comfort, and even allow their user to pin up documents and photographs.

Kinzo-designed, planmöbel.-manufactured ‘Workout Raumteilungs-/Trennwande’ is a smaller panel with a magnetic surface, serving both as a table divider and a small bulletin board. Pedro Feduchi’s ‘Tray’ line of desks and office furniture for Imasoto also includes light frames with semi-transparent screens.

OFFECCT’s ‘Playwall’, designed by Cleasson Koivisto Rune, and ophelis’s ‘Syntax Space division system’ are larger-scale solutions, consisting of sizeable table dividers and screens which allow for a more noticeable spatial subdivision and privacy within an open plan office, but still manage to retain an overall sense of the space.

Haworth’s ‘Universal Screens’ table dividers are smaller, but offer a wider range of surface materials, from felt, fabric, to laminate and glass. Furthermore, accessories such as shelves and even monitor arms can be attached to the table dividers by means of rails, freeing up the desktop surface. And lastly, Johan Götesson’s and Thomas Svensson’s ‘ScreenIT Table Screen In Screen’, manufactured by Götessons, actually integrates an LED screen in the table divider itself.

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