Swivel stools

Swivel stools make practical office accessories, either as seating for visitors, or as occasional task chairs, they can also be used to furnish informal, communal spaces such as pantry and break areas.

The choice is varied, from TON’s bentwood, height-adjustable ‘Piano stool’, which is meant to complement the classic, 19th century designs by Michael Thonet, to a more modern, restrained version of this type, Johanna Munck af Rosenschöld’s, Daniel Lavonius Jarefeldt’s and Josef Zetterman’s ‘A-series seating’ for SA Möbler, a slightly taller swivel stool with footrests.

Another swivelling, but otherwise stationary, stool is Alain Berteau’s ‘Slim Barstool’ for OBJEKTEN, where a narrow, elongated seat is held aloft by a minimal, metal frame which doubles as a footrest. Phoenix Design’s ‘KINETICis5’, manufactured by Interstuhl, is a stationary, sleek swivel stool with an expressive footrest, which is equally suited to workplace, office, or a bar.

Another group of swivel stools aims to increase the freedom of movement by attaching castors to the base. Officeline’s understated ‘Saddle’ for example, mounts a large, bicycle-like saddle on a height-adjustable castor base. On the other hand, Egon Eiermann’s ‘Eiermann-Collection SBG 43’ for VS is a more sober design, where the seat is a simple, plywood disk, resting on an elegant, chromed swivel base. And finally, Bruno Mathsson’s ‘Saga Taburet’ features a plush, bowl-shaped seat designed for optimal weight distribution and comfortable seating experience.

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