Storage for executive offices and meeting rooms combines generous and well thought-out storage solutions with high-quality craftsmanship and representative design. Therefore, a great variety of designs is available, although most executive storage cabinets are in fact large sideboards.

‘Florence Knoll Credenza’, designed by Florence Knoll and manufactured by Knoll International, is an icon among modern executive storage sideboards: understated in its form, yet luxurious with its steel base and polished, marble top. Another modern classic is Poul Kjærholm ‘s ‘Poul Kjærholm’s Cabinet for drawings’ storage for Rud. Rasmussen, a narrower, but taller, wooden sideboard, intended as a storage cabinet for Royal Danish Academy students’ architectural drawings.

Storage sideboard ‘AL | Drawer Unit’, designed by Kai Stania and Johannes Karl for Bene, is even more minimal. Here, an aluminium structure is combined with wooden fronts to create an austere, abstract storage cabinet. ‘K2 Depot’, designed by Friis & Moltke Design for JENSENplus, is a wooden storage shelf unit in which open and closed compartments are created by irregular placement of brightly coloured fronts.

Tonelli-manufactured ‘Liber’ by Luca Papini is a long, storage sideboard made entirely out of glued, clear glass, whose slightly uneven internal division provides contrast to the rigid outer envelope. Conversely, Benjamin Gugelberger’s and Ulf Braun’s ‘spinoff shelving system’ for formfarm, refines an industrial aesthetic, setting glossy panels and drawers into an exposed, tubular, metal skeleton. Werner Aisslinger’s ‘ADD’ storage for Flöttoto does the same, but with a wooden loadbearing structure instead. Pirue’s ‘Line’ returns to formally sober abstraction, but it does come in glossy, matt, or natural wood finishes.

And while Willem van Ast’s ‘Side store’ sideboards for Arco consists of a low sideboard and a brightly coloured, wall-mounted shelf, radiate an effortless calm, Guy Lafranchi’s asymmetrical, dynamic ‘GLA1 Sideboard’, an elegant, streamlined, open storage with a thin closed drawer at the top, is an eye-catcher all on its own.

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