Standing height conference tables

Standing height conference tables are most commonly used in break-out or lounge areas, to facilitate interaction between smaller groups of people, who use these informal opportunities to share their views and discuss other matters pertaining to their business.

Naturally, there are height-adjustable conference desks with telescoping T-legs extending up to standing height, such as the Markku Pakkanen’s ‘EFG Ofi Niveau’ and Susse Fischer’s ‘EFG Nostra Niveau’, both manufactured by EFG, or WINI Büromöbel’s ‘Winea Pro’. All three can serve as office desks, regular tables, or standing height conference tables.

Dustin A. Tusnovics’s ‘client standing table’ for Wiesner-Hager is a sober, minimal design with metal legs, and it comes in a square as well as rectangular variety. Other standing height desks, such as Bosse Design’s ‘Bosse R-Desk’, Komplot Design’s ‘Tempest bar table’ for HOWE or Horge Pensi’s ‘Absolut-Table’ for AKABA; the first two are round, and the last one square, are tall, one-legged affairs.

Finally, WINI Büromöbel’s ‘Winea Sinus KommPoint’ standing height conference table is slightly larger, with one of its ends mounted on a panel that incorporates a television screen, making this design ideal for short presentations or brainstorming sessions between main conference events.

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