Stand / Lean stools

Lean stools are tall seats whose occupant neither sits nor stands, but leans on for support. Despite appearances, the body actually assumes a dynamic position and constantly seeks balance, which improves one’s sitting posture and increases comfort. Lean stools are best matched with counters or standing desks, and can be used to furnish both informal meeting rooms and relaxation areas.

The most straightforward stand stool is Sedus Stoll’s ‘smile’, a small, narrow, height-adjustable, padded seat mounted on an aluminium leg. Fritz Močnik’s ‘AOGO’ for LÖFFLER is a more conventional, swivel bar stool, complete with a footrest, but due to its variable seat height, it can easily double as a stand stool.

Uli Witzig’s ‘Sitag Pro-Sit’ for Sitag and Hans Roericht’s ‘Sitz 2 Model 201/1’ are both understated, height-adjustable lean stools, featuring circular seats and round, convex bases, which allows for the user to sway back and forth. ‘Move™’ lean stool, designed by Per Øie and produced by Variér Furniture, utilises the same basic principle, but the form of its upholstered seat is inspired by a bicycle saddle.

And lastly, Burkhard Vogtherr’s ‘SWAY’ lean stool for Girsberger is minimally detailed and height-adjustable, with a flat, round base, and a seat upholstered in colourful fabric. The swaying motion is enabled by a stiff spring that connects its one leg to the base.

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