Stair coverings

Stair coverings constitute a small, yet distinct and multifunctional product group within outdoor flooring. The products on offer, made from high quality natural stone by the Italian manufacturer Odorizzi Soluzioni, have been specifically tailored to help traverse level changes in garden, parks, and public spaces.

In many cases, a sleek stair can be made by combining stone slabs, such as ’Treads’ and ‘Baseboard studs’. These stair coverings can be assembled into a continuous stair covering, and can be specified with a natural, rough surface or a more smoother, sawn finish.

In some cases, when the slope of the underlying terrain is more shallow, a different approach is often used. The steps become wide, almost like a series of small terraces. The pavement can continue throughout, while the height difference is mediated by ‘Kerbs’. These don’t have to be used as stair coverings either, but can form a border between pavement and planted areas as well.

Finally, some stairs are really more like steps and create green terraces behind relatively low walls. ‘Sills’, once again manufactured by Odorizzi Soluzioni, is a stair covering designed to cover these walls and can easily make a perfect place to sit on a warm spring day in one’s garden, or in a park.

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