Sprinklers, hoses and other accessories for watering are essential in any garden. Although there is a possibility of an underground irrigation system, more mobile and flexible solutions serve just as well and are less prone to malfunction after cold snaps.

Take ‘Propel’r’ by TRADEWINDS, an elegant rotating sprinkler comprised of a galvanized, powder-coated tube and a rotating brass waterhead. The sprinkler can be simply inserted anywhere in the ground and connected to a water hose to provide the garden with plenty of water.

Of course, water hoses are best kept rolled up and stowed away when not in use. ‘Wall°r’ provides a compact, convenient storage place. It is a steel cabinet with a wooden top that incorporates a hose reel, complete with a sprinkler head, attached to its door. Sometimes, a hose with a sprinkler can be stored on a mobile hose reel. For this occasion, TRADEWINDS manufactures two solutions, the austere, minimalist ‘RollX’ made of square, stainless steel rods, or the more rustic, nostalgic ‘Waterette’, a hose reel with a curving, powder-coated iron frame.

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