Sports/Arena seating systems

Unlike other seating systems, sports and arena seating systems are often exposed to outdoor conditions and receive rough-and-tumble treatment from countless fans. Therefore, sport and arena seating systems are tough, sturdy and functional, but also ergonomic and reasonably comfortable. Naturally, different colours and numbering systems are available upon specification.

All the products in this selection are designed and produced by FIGUERAS. The most straightforward arena seating system is ‘200 stadium’, a high-performance, injected polypropylene copolymer shell shell to be used in series. ‘205 Stadium TP’ sports seating systems features a similar, albeit folding seat, supported by a metal base that includes armrests. Lastly, the sleek, rounded ‘302 Arena’ sports seating system mounts a series of padded, folding seats within the polypropylene shells on a metal beam. These seats can be further complemented with adhesive publicity or corporate images.

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