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Spinnaker is in many ways inspired by the maritime world. It is being manufactured in Risør, Norway – The white town on the coast of the Skagerak see. Where the citizens show a strong enthusiasm for the sport of sailing. The Spinnaker chair has got an exquisite, temporary design and the shape reflects the beautiful curves of a cruising spinnaker sail.
Spinnaker is constructed to let the body rest in natural positions and covers today’s requirements for flexibility, functionality, comfort and design. The frame is made
from spring steel, which grants a natural pliability throughout the chair. It adjusts to your personal needs as it has a spring loaded tilt function which can be locked in 3 stable positions. You can even regulate the resistance to suit your weight and spin around 360 degrees. The Spinnaker chair can bring you stories from the seven seas as the back can be covered by used sails with an authentic patina. These sails may be decorated with optional numbers, letters, signs and symbols in various colours.
Many different colours and combinations of material allow the customer to create the chair according to his or her style and taste.
SPINNAKER is a complete product concept, containing the chair, footstool, tables and TV-table.
The design and the desighers
The Spinnaker concept is a result of creative teamwork between the designers Linda Steen and Lena Axelsson, Scenario design MNIL and Hødnebø design team.
Spinnaker was designed and launched for the Norwegian market in 2005 and introduced on an international arena at IMM Cologne in 2007.
Scenario was established in 1985 and hosts today 29 outstanding interior architects and furniture designers with wide experience and success from various projects and studies in Norway and abroad.
Manufacturer / Supplier
Spinnaker is designed and produced by the Norwegian manufacturer Hødnebø.
Hødnebø Møbler ..


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