Sofa beds

Children often spend large amount of time in the privacy of their rooms, either learning, playing, or relaxing. Sofa beds offer the necessary versatility: comfortable beds by night, and sofas by day, they transform the children’s bedroom into a small, temporary living room.

Spanish manufacturer LAGRAMA, which has a long tradition of producing high quality children’s furniture, also offers a small, but diverse, selection of sofa beds. For instance, their ‘Composition 23’ comprises of two sofa beds, each with storage underneath, which can be configured to into a large, comfortable corner sofa.

Another practical solution is ‘Composition 31’, where the sofa bed is mounted on large wheels, so the children themselves may determine and change the position of the bed in their room whenever the fancy strikes them. ‘Composition 24’ comprises of a children’s sofa bed with either another pull out bed underneath, or generous storage space. As always, all of LAGRAMA’s products are highly customizable and available in many different variations.

The German manufacturer MORGEN takes a slightly different approach. Here, Sabine Mühlbauer’s understated ‘Spook’ and ‘Owl’ sofa beds begin their journey as infants’ cots. As the child grows, the grids can be removed, and both designs function as children-sized sofa beds. Once the child definitely outgrows their sleeping quarters, these furnishing become informal, full-time sofas.

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