Single beds

Single beds are usually most suitable for children’s of guest rooms, since they only sleep one person and take up less space than a double bed. However, designers like to maximise single beds’ potential, resulting in many imaginative designs.

For example, ‘The Lönneberga Stacking bed’, designed by Alexander Seifried for Richard Lampert, as well as Peter Christian Hertel’s and Sebastian Klarhoefer’s ‘Guest’ single bed for Zeitraum, are both low, single beds, that can be comfortably stacked on one another, saving space and creating a comfortable upholstered bench in the process.

To increase their functionality, some single beds may be designed so they can be used as a sofa during the day. ‘Line 04’ by Bolzan Letti and Dora Monti’s ‘Fata’ for Bonaldo, both feature upholstered headrests and backrests, as well as optional storage space, where duvets and extra pillows can be stowed during the day.

Some single beds, such as Jasper Morrison’s ‘Bed’ for Capellini, are classically proportioned, formally and materially elegant affairs, whereas Pino Pedano’s ‘Essenziale’ explores a more rustic, rough aesthetic, albeit in modern plywood. And even though Paola Navone’s ‘TV’, manufactured by Letti&Co., is formally minimal, this is softened by its upholstered construction and movable headrest, which can be folded to accommodate a reclining position.

A fanciful flight of engineer’s imagination, Raul Barbieri’s and Giorgio Marianelli’s ‘Abitacolo’ single bed, produced today by Rexite, is a supremely light, steel structure, which includes integrated shelves and a desktop. And for those who have problems sleeping, perhaps Günther Thöny’s egg-shaped ‘Nido’ can help. This single bed is equipped with a light-therapy system, a sound system, and a massage system integrated into a high quality mattress.

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