Shelving systems

Shelving systems offer a practical alternative to other space dividers, as they include additional storage space. Furthermore, shelving systems can be highly decorative, and, depending what kind of objects they will hold, they can also improve the acoustic performance of the space.

For example, ‘Build’ shelving system, designed by Jack Godrey Woods and Tom Ballhatchet for MOVISI, consists of stackable, open, plastic, cell-shaped elements and can be easily adapted by the user to fit many diverse requirements. Studio Parade’s ‘Stuff’, produced by spectrum meubelen, features a rational, austere, steel skeleton, but is clad in colourful, upholstered panels, which not only add a playful touch, but improve acoustics and provide privacy in an open-office setting.

Martin Ric’s ‘performascreen’ shelving system for performa includes curved sections made from translucent acrylic glass, creating blurred boundaries within the space. A more definite divide is Lorenzo Marcolin’s curving, colourful ‘Twist’ for ULTOM ITALIA, an office shelving system where one side is completely closed off.

Flöttoto’s wooden ‘355’ shelving system, designed by Peter Christian Hertel and Sebastian Klarhoefer, comes in all kinds of varieties, and the freestanding version can either be tall, open, space divider, or a lower, open sideboard. Robert Bronwasser’s ‘Spine’ for Cascando is on open shelving system which combines Y-shaped plywood shelves with aluminium supports, and likewise creates an airy, transparent barrier.

Another formally distinct system is Doris Kisskalt’s ‘Flexitube modular shelving’, produced by Kißkalt Designs, where shallow tubes of different diameters are clipped and stacked together to create a playful, irregular room divider. On the other end of the spectrum, Christian Horner’s ‘Cube S | Workstation’, a comprehensive line of office furnishings, uses a shelving system as a means to separate or cluster workstations, facilitating optimal collaboration, but also providing sufficient storage space in any situation.

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