Shelving modules

Shelving modules offer flexible and customisable solutions to particular spatial and aesthetic requirements, which more traditional, standalone designs might not always be able to fulfil. For example, in Ron Arad’s ‘Z-shelf’ for Moroso, any number of Z-shaped shelving modules can be affixed to a wall and composed into a wide variety of different solutions, from horizontal to vertical, as well as a zig-zag arrangements, when the shelving modules are mounted at an angle.

A similar solution, but more organic in form, is Jack Godrey Wood’s and Tom Ballhatchet’s ‘Build’ for MOVISI. The cellular elements can be stacked and joined at will, creating small, wall-mounted compositions, large, free-standing room dividers or anything in between. Doris Kisskalt’s ‘FlexiTube nature - shelving system’ manufactured by Kißkalt designs, consists of wood veneer tubes of differing diameters, which can either be mounted on a wall or stand on the ground and joined into the desired composition with elegant metal clips.

Kartell-produced plastic, transparent ‘Sound Rack’ comes in a range of colours and consist of larger shelving modules, which can be stacked on one another and either be placed against a wall, or divide a larger space, creating a colourful composition in the process.

Another approach is demonstrated by Nina Jobs’s in her ‘Tre’ shelving module, manufactured by Abstracta. Here, thin metal shelves can be slotted at desired intervals into a minimally detailed wooden skeleton, which is available in three different heights, allowing the user to create a fitting ensemble.

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