Serving-trolleys are multifunctional furnishings, that can serve as small coffee or side tables, although they are mostly used to store and distribute food and beverages during garden parties and other occasions. Because of their mobility, many serving-trolleys are not necessarily as robust as other garden furnishings and can be safely stored inside when not in use.

Case in point: Deesawat-manufactured ‘Tiera Outdoor Bar Trolley’, designed by Tae Suzuki and Zero First Design, features a delicate, steel rod skeleton along with large, wooden wheels and wooden surfaces. Gordon Guillaumier’s ‘CADDY’ for Roda is a round serving-trolley with two wheels and a wooden structure supporting two, stainless steel trays.

Fischer Möbel’s ‘Flores servingtrolley’ is a folding design from massive teak and includes slatted surfaces and an integrated bottle rack. Giandomenico Belotti’s ‘green trolley 226’ combines tubular steel frame with enamelled surfaces into a reduced, minimalist serving-trolley with two wheels in the front and two castors at the back. Gerd Couckhuyt’s ‘Elements trolley’ for Manutti comes in subdued colours, water resistant materials such as quartz composites and includes a variety of internal, independent trays.

Some serving-trolleys are more akin to castor-mounted side boards, where the storage compartments are closed. An example of this is Rafa Ortega’s ‘CUbox Cod. 09022’, a modular serving-trolley from engineered wood. Similarly, Benjamin Ferriol’s ‘Karma trolley’ for EGO Paris is a versatile serving-trolley that mounts two shelves above a deep square tray and is made entirely from aluminium.

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