Service tables / carts

Service tables and carts play a supporting, but often important, role in an office. In general, they serve as a mobile storage unit, but their particular use is wholly up to the user. Documents, AV and presentation equipment as well as refreshments can all be stored and distributed with the help of service tables and carts.

‘STM2 Serve boy’ by This Reber for THISMADE is a simple, elegant service cart with two open shelves and an exquisite, steel-rod construction, ready to store and transport almost anything around the office. Gunilla Allard’s ‘Cargo’ service cart for Lammhults is a more austere affair, its chromium-plated, steel structure, glass shelves and leather-clad handles recalling 1920s modernist design.

In some cases, service carts feature closed storage compartments, such as Alfredo Häberli’s ‘SEC trolley car018’, a small, mobile, aluminium sideboard, which is just one part of the comprehensive SEC range of shelves, cupboards and other storage solutions. Decoma Design’s ‘Bitte Roll’ for Tagliabue consists of two cylinders with swivel-out segments, mounted on a castor base. This ensemble is just as suited to store refreshments as well as office supplies.

Benne’s ‘Cart | Caddy’ service cart is intended as media furniture, and features a small, height-adjustable tabletop, with either drawers, shelves, or a CPU-holder underneath. Additionally, a privacy panel can be added at the back, and the ensemble used as a mobile workstation. Another service table that can be used as such is Urs and Carmen Greutmann Bolzern’s ‘Wallstreet Office Network’ that includes separate shelves for a monitor, a keyboard and a central processing unit.

The simplest service tables are, of course, small, elegant, castor-mounted side tables, such as Brodbeck Design’s ‘TouchDown’ for Steelcase, or Bartoli Design’s ‘Servotre’ for Segis, which can be folded when not in use. Finally, Stephan Boltz’s and Valentin Hartmann’s ‘bordbar’ range of service carts takes inspiration from the ubiquitous airline trolley, and combines it with bold graphic prints and special features, such as internal LED lighting, a foosball tabletop or an espresso maker.

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