Seminar tables

Seminars are smaller-scale, didactic meetings that encourage active participation and interaction between attendees and instructors, and are fairly common in academic and professional settings.

In order to cater to varying requirements, seminar tables display a range of solution to ensure their flexibility and functionality. For example, FIGUERAS’s ‘F-1000’ is an individual, fold-away seminar table that is to be used in conjunction with auditorium seating. Naturally, a large auditorium cannot accommodate several disparate seminar groups at a time, in which case John Bollen’s ‘Tutor table’ for HOWE, a stacking desk with an elegant, steel rod construction provides an adaptable, space-saving solution.

Komplot Design’s ‘Tempest table with modesty panel’ for HOWE from 1974 is an established modular system of seminar tables, which can be used to create numerous configurations in any work-related situation. Furthermore, the tables’ tops can be flipped and tables nested for storage. Ini Archibong’s, John Phillips’s and Stephanie Stalker’s ‘serif’ for Bernhardt Design is a similar system that includes an optional modesty panel, and is additionally mounted on castors, improving its mobility.

Assmann Büromöbel’s ‘Antaro desking programme’ is a stationary system of seminar tables, but does include optional, built-in power and IT connectivity modules, as well as non-linear desktop geometries. Rud Thygessen’s and Johnny Sørensen’s ‘Mix’ seminar table system for Magnus Olesen is similar, additionally available with a wooden frame, or even folding, metal legs, once again making it easier to store.

‘Winea Pro’, produced by WINI Büromöbel has height-adjustable, telescoping, aluminium legs, and can be used as a seminar table, a standing table, or a workstation. Finally, another flexible and customisable solution, Oskar Zieta’s ‘Koza’, is a pair of lightweight, minimalist steel trestles that can support any tabletop, ensuring fast assembly, and disassembly, practical storage, and which can be used in homes, offices and workshops.

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