Seat cushions

When the user wishes to personalise their seating furniture beyond the options offered by the manufacturer, they can often find more varied and specialised solutions in third-party seat cushions.

Consider Harry Bertoia’s 1952 ‘Bertoia Diamond Chair’: the manufacturer, Knoll International, supplies this iconic, steel-wire piece either fully upholstered, or without any padding at all, at which point the chair is suitable for outdoor use. Those wishing for a more flexible solution, without sacrificing comfort, can turn to Anja Witte’s ‘SFC-1049’ or ‘SFC-2049’ seat cushions for the unupholstered version of this classic, manufactured by Parkhaus.

Parkhaus has custom seat cushions available for a whole range of quintessential designs, ranging from Flip Selin’s ‘SFC-1001/2001’ for the ‘Wire Chair DKR’ by designed Charles and Ray Eames and manufactured by Vitra, Bernadette Ehmann’s ‘Seat cushion S 43’ for Mart Stam’s iconic, Thonet-produced ‘S 43’ cantilevered chair, or Anja Witte’s ‘SFC - 1038/2038’ for Philippe Starck’s ‘Louis Ghost’ whose original manufacturer is Kartell.

However, more generic solutions are also available. Jean-Marie Massaud’s ‘Jazz’, produced by Time & Style, offers a large flat cushion that can function as a low Asian-style sofa; Heino Weber’s ‘Seat cushion Besetzt/Frei, double’ for Hey-Sign, is fit for almost any rectangular seat to declare the state of its occupancy. And last, but certainly not least, Karim Rashid’s ‘Cairo’ range for Sancal combines Egypt-inspired geometrical patterns with bright colours.

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